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Screenshot from previous project

January 26, 2016

Here is a screenshot from our previous project, involving weather elements data monitoring and display engine. We gather the data in real-time and stored into a PostgreSQL database and then display to user using our own visualization engine. The acquisition engine is utilizing MODBUS technology, with display completely using PHP and JQuery module.

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Site Installation work

November 21, 2012

Sometimes , it is way too costly to cover on-site installation work. It might be a lot better to have this task to be source out from local contractor instead. Nevertheless, we somehow have to maintain a group of team to support the installation work at least the provisional level. Crunching on this, we would […]

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Essential Tools for each of us toward effective marketing efforts

June 13, 2012

I believe many of us had learn a lot of useful lesson in a such hard way. Most of our experience , based on our action and mistakes which made us think twice whenever we encounter the similar issue again. However,we can also start learning from others experience via any other medium such as books, […]

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How to set auto-start for virtual box image in windows 7

June 7, 2012

We have some problem to auto-start the VirtualBox in Windows 7. There is no setting auto-start Virtual Machine in Virtual Box “Preference”. At least until this moment. However, the solutions is pretty much simple. You just need to create batch file to be executed on Windows 7 start-up. Create a batch file as follows : […]

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