Essential Tools for each of us toward effective marketing efforts

I believe many of us had learn a lot of useful lesson in a such hard way.
Most of our experience , based on our action and mistakes which made us think
twice whenever we encounter the similar issue again.

However,we can also start learning from others experience via any other medium
such as books, stories, conversation, talk , seminar, meet up and any
activity which involve people.
Indirectly, we can just analyze and see thing better from afar.
Actively, you can also ask the question personally to him/her,
or just ask them to share their past experience.
You’ll be surprise on the extent they would make you understand thing much better.
The key is just “ask for it” by asking the right question.

Back to marketing tools :
One of the right quotation for this “Every CEO must know how to demonstrate its own company’s product..” — can’t recall where did I read about this, probably from one of the marketing book recently.

So, to become an effective marketing agent/personnel,
I think the following item shall be handy :

1. the running software demo
– be it on “VMware Player” or “VIrtualBox”
– which at any point of time,you can just select the pre-configured image
and start demonstrating your software capability on the fly.
– there a time that chance would be improved if you can show some real sample
of our product.
– this marketing effort would certainly stick to our customer mind.
“Oh.. this company is capable of delivering this kind of system/software..”
– once they start seeing it.. they would adjusting to share their actually need
for their situation.. provided you asked the right question after that.
– let the product start the tick in their mind to start wanting the system.

2. the handy – product catalogue/brochures.
– probably can be sent via email after the meeting.
– maybe while exchanging the business card can request politely to state something like the following :
“It is OK if I send the brochure about our product to your email.”
Again, you might be surprised by their verbal feedback .
Some even start marketing for you if its would also benefit them in some way.
Catch that and let it go viral.

3. Updated Business Card.
– there is nothing like being not able to exchange the business card while the opportunity to market is in front of your eyes.
– seize every moment that you have.
– there is nothing there to be afraid of.

4. Skill-set list / Company Profile
– Make sure you can explain our company skills and strength within less than 2minutes. Anything beyond that is exaggerating and would definitely turn them away.
– be honest about your lack as well.. they might be able to help you out with that too.
– remember the universe is made not only for just us alone, there’re a lot of resources to be shared with the whole mankind.
– together we make the world a better place to live.

5. Spread love not hates.
– try as much as possible to NOT bad-mouth anyone.
– try focus on the positive thing and you will definitely attract positive feedback/outcome from everyone.

6. be generous.
– there is not small kindness is ever wasted.
“Walau sebesar zarah, setiap kebaikan itu akan tetap dibalas dengan balasan
yang setimpal”.

Some marketing efforts would take long term to well established.
But a good thing it would take almost zero cost to start.

I can’t get rid of the following sentence spoken to me once upon a time ago, :

“Good luck with whatever you’re doing right now and in future undertaking of your life.”

Anything else you would like to add ?

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