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Saturday, 26 January 2013 08:03

Sometimes , it is way too costly to cover on-site installation work.
It might be a lot better to have this task to be source out from local contractor instead.

Nevertheless, we somehow have to maintain a group of team to support the installation
work at least the provisional level.

Crunching on this, we would have to maintain some overhead for this to be viable all the time.

How did you manage you site team?

Daily report , phone calls, email , or merely just use them as hands?

I find it would lead to a lot of bigger issue if not planned and implemented properly regardless the pre-installation work
at the HQ office.

Saturday, 26 January 2013 07:33

I believe many of us had learn a lot of useful lesson in a such hard way.
Most of our experience , based on our action and mistakes which made us think
twice whenever we encounter the similar issue again.

However,we can also start learning from others experience via any other medium
such as books, stories, conversation, talk , seminar, meet up and any
activity which involve people.
Indirectly, we can just analyze and see thing better from afar.
Actively, you can also ask the question personally to him/her,
or just ask them to share their past experience.
You’ll be surprise on the extent they would make you understand thing much better.
The key is just “ask for it” by asking the right question.