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IMR Solutions Sdn Bhd

IMR Solutions

IMR Solutions

Thursday, 02 June 2016 12:58

Web Development -

We are glad to be able to help our client to achieve their target of getting their website online by 1st June 2016.


Here is some screenshot from the latest design for our client


The web is mobile friendly and using responsive design which is aligned to represent company image to customer.


We have some problem to auto-start the VirtualBox in Windows 7.
There is no setting auto-start Virtual Machine in Virtual Box “Preference”.
At least until this moment.

However, the solutions is pretty much simple.
You just need to create batch file to be executed on Windows 7 start-up.

Create a batch file as follows :

cd "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\"
VBoxManage startvm "portMonitoring"

save as VBox-startup.bat or something alike.

where “portMonitoring” is the image name in VirtualBox.

Then, right click on that and create a shortcut into Desktop or wherever visible.

Then just drag-drop that shortcut into All Programs -> Startup.
Or something like the following folders.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

You might need the administrator access before can set/create the batch file to be executable.

Test by rebooting the host once, and ensure the image name is correct.

Good Luck.

Saturday, 26 January 2013 08:03

Site Installation work

Sometimes , it is way too costly to cover on-site installation work.
It might be a lot better to have this task to be source out from local contractor instead.

Nevertheless, we somehow have to maintain a group of team to support the installation
work at least the provisional level.

Crunching on this, we would have to maintain some overhead for this to be viable all the time.

How did you manage you site team?

Daily report , phone calls, email , or merely just use them as hands?

I find it would lead to a lot of bigger issue if not planned and implemented properly regardless the pre-installation work
at the HQ office.

I believe many of us had learn a lot of useful lesson in a such hard way.
Most of our experience , based on our action and mistakes which made us think
twice whenever we encounter the similar issue again.

However,we can also start learning from others experience via any other medium
such as books, stories, conversation, talk , seminar, meet up and any
activity which involve people.
Indirectly, we can just analyze and see thing better from afar.
Actively, you can also ask the question personally to him/her,
or just ask them to share their past experience.
You’ll be surprise on the extent they would make you understand thing much better.
The key is just “ask for it” by asking the right question.

Sunday, 20 January 2013 01:49

Bakun Hydrology Monitoring

This is the screen we did for Bakun Hydrology Data Display , which is composed of data acquisition engine via MODBUS protocol

and the display using IMRSdisplay.


The backend database is utilzing open-source Database , PostgreSQL.

For the backend technology , it is fully utilizing the JQuery utility and PHP5/ CSS/ XML optimized.

This project is meaningful as its collecting data from remote sites via VSAT connection which is having limited bandwidth.

The data transfer between site to the main server is using MODBUS protocol which very low-overhead.


Datalogger is using the existing hardware which already installed at sites few years back.

However, the data collection is hugely depend on communication link between sites and servers.

We are aiming to solve the historical data issue from sites either with our new datalogger or

modifying acquisition software which is running both at sites and servers.


Overall , this project is a great experience for us for providing workable solutions within limited budget and time.

Saturday, 12 January 2013 12:25

Happy New Year 2013

We are finally reach the year of 2013.

With this, more thing are expected to change with time including the weather.


Anyway , let's strive toward a better future for all of us.


Good luck.



IMR Solutions Team.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011 13:10

Sandakan Port Installation

We finally completed the installation and commissioned the Sandakan port sites.

This is for Port Monitoring Project.



The on-site scenery is very nice.


We would just enjoying the sight of the day as follows :



Good job , everyone !



Thank you and keep it up.