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IMR Solutions Sdn Bhd

Our Products

IMR Solutions - Products

We are proudly presenting our following product line-up as below :

Which utilizing AJAX and JQuery library to fetch back-end data in almost useful period. 
- its capable of refreshing its data automatically every 1-sec, 1-min or any defined period.
- its capable of specifying custom image background to reflect customer image.
- some customization on data placement over the specific background screen.
IMRS Display
IMRSlogger - ** Coming soon ** 
- datalogger with touch-screen capability for easy configuration 
- pre-loaded with configuration for well-known intelligent sensor 
- to support plug & play with our partners sensor suite. 
- fully customizable for advance user to support external integration via various medium such as : 
  • FTP
  • CSV/TEXT uploader
  • SMS - (with GSM Modem Module)
If you would like to have your sensor to be pre-configured with our logger,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
We shall be able to discuss the possible solution at a affordable price.
Linux Webserver       


IMR Solutions - Services

We are specialized and able to provide the following services :

  1. Linux installation and configuration.
  2. Cluster Setup for linux environment
  3. Linux System recovery
  4. Web Services initial setup
  5. Internet / Proxy / Gateway for home/office network.
  6. Online content training (blog and web)
  7. Software Development(charges may varies depend on scope of work )
  8. Package installation of opensource application (wordpress, joomla, drupal, etc)

Welcome to IMR Solutions!

IMR Solutions

The team here at IMR Solutions are passionate and highly energetic when it comes to our commitment to our clients. We are a team of professional technical service providers, who have had multiple exposures to critical systems

Our clients can be sure that when they come to us, they are provided with professional services at an affordable price.

So look no further to find the best team for your needs and give us a call today!


Featuring A dedicated technical Team at your service!

Our track record are as follows:

  • ICT Support ( Malaysian Meteorological Department)
  • Port Monitoring System ( KASI (M) Sdn Bhd)
  • Linux Cluster Setup ( Malaysian Meteorological Department)
  • Lufft Weather Sensor Integration ( WS500 & WS600 )