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IMR Solutions Sdn Bhd

Linux Installation & Configuration

Linux Installation & Configuration

We are capable of performing installation and configuration of Linux Servers.

Our past experience have taught us on the planning the installation properly and thoroughly before

deploying on the real servers.

Your installation process might differ between one to another due to application setup,

repository setup and etc.

This will affect a lot of the server performance as  we are tailoring the installation packages

according to your need and machine performance.


Advance requirement like fail-over, round-robin web services also can be configured based

on the machine availability. Dual redundancy of power supply and software RAID can also be arranged

if the need arise.


Our main distro for Linux installation package is CentOS and also Redhat which is really

depend on your budget for the support.

Redhat would have their own RedHat Network for the updates and patches for servers.

While CentOS is more on community based solutions which will suit well for your limited budget.


Most of our packages are managed by RPM -- Redhat Package Management which is easily manageable

in case you decide to remove or upgrade the package later.

Only in extreme case we might need to opt for the custom script.

Bundled installation via network also can be performed if you would like to  have similar installation

for about >10 machine simultaneously.


We can also setup a network server for your repository should you have your own package to be hosted and installed in various remote machine.



We are also capable to customize the cluster suite setting for your system.

And that would depend on machines availability and also the your other constraint such as

shared storage devices , servers redundancy ..etc.

But we can also provide you a total solutions , in case haven't decided yet on which/what

hardware to buy. With our resourceful partner we are able to source out both the hardware and software

as per your need. Just contact us to know how, and we are pleased to help you within your budget and requirement.


Just drop us email and get a quote today.!