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IMR Solutions Sdn Bhd

Software Development

Software Development

We are capable of developing custom software according to clients needs.

How we operate

The custom software development projects usually begins with a "System Study" where we look into the requirement and capture the details. This is an important step to ensure that we understand the very best solution to cater to the special need of each client.



Subsequently, every detail is ironed out properly to produce the best results for both parties. In cases where the requirements of the project end up differing from the original scope,clients will definitely benefit from our software.
IMR's solutions are planned for future expansion from the very beginning, as compared to the many rigid and hard-coded software in the market.



With this target in mind , the initial release might take a bit more of a discussion than usual between the client and our developer. The reward, however is so much more worthwhile - A solution that could last and be modified accordingly for the next few years without any problems.



A service that doesn't just end with the finished product

Our track record of handling issues and our prompt support upon customer feedback is also worth noting. Our team takes every initiative to ensure that clients are always happy with our solutions with our post-project follow up. Thus, we're not only develop successful systems from the beginning to end, but we also make sure that each system is still well-supported, even after it has been deployed into live operation.


Please do not hesitate to contact us today should you require any further information.