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IMR Solutions Sdn Bhd

Weather System Integration

Weather System Integration


Our strong background for for technical work and exposure in weather instrument made us become

an excellent weather system integrator.

We are proven to deploy a workable solutions for various weather system system.

Namely there are quite a few weather sensor in the market, most of them are compliant with WMO standard.

So the expected output from most of these weather sensor are familiar to us.


With our past record, we can also deploy a solution with the new sensor provided the documentation for these new sensor are made available to us on the day 1.


We have successfully developed and deploy a solutions for at least working with the following weather sensors :

1. Vaisala Multiparameters Sensors ( WXT 520 )

2. Gill WindObserver II ( Windsonic Sensor )

3. OTT RLS ( Radar Level Sensor  _ For tide sensor )

4. Nortek ADCP ( Aquadopp Doppler Current Profiler )

5. Lufft Sensor ( via RS485 )

6. MODBUS based sensor ( ICPcon from ADAM datalogger ).

.. and many more to come.

Our endless effort have proven that we are able perform very well beyond customer expectation.

This would also ensuring the system are delivered to customer as per our promise.


Our dedicated team are capable of delivering solutions at the best possible time-frame.


While the technical team are tailoring the source code to fit the customer environment,our site engineer are

are resourcefully helping client setting up the weather equipment properly.

Any hiccup are being discussed with client transparently , we have nothing to hide and we encouraging customer

feedback even while the system are being setting up, right before the system are fully deployed.

So, any hindsight and customer experience are fully exploited to ensure the smooth implementation of our solutions

to fit customer's need.




At the end of the we are happy whenever our customer are satisfied with our solutions and would be

a reliable system for them to use in the mission critical operation once the system become live.