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Bakun Hydrology Monitoring Featured

hydrology monitoring system hydrology monitoring system

This is the screen we did for Bakun Hydrology Data Display , which is composed of data acquisition engine via MODBUS protocol

and the display using IMRSdisplay.


The backend database is utilzing open-source Database , PostgreSQL.

For the backend technology , it is fully utilizing the JQuery utility and PHP5/ CSS/ XML optimized.

This project is meaningful as its collecting data from remote sites via VSAT connection which is having limited bandwidth.

The data transfer between site to the main server is using MODBUS protocol which very low-overhead.


Datalogger is using the existing hardware which already installed at sites few years back.

However, the data collection is hugely depend on communication link between sites and servers.

We are aiming to solve the historical data issue from sites either with our new datalogger or

modifying acquisition software which is running both at sites and servers.


Overall , this project is a great experience for us for providing workable solutions within limited budget and time.

  • Country: Malaysia
  • Field: Sofware Development
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